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La passe



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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
60 x 60 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

The pass is an imaginary seascape where the horizon opens up, finally allowing an opening, an exit. The canvas is made with oil, with a spatula, brushes and fingers.

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Catherine Villermé

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Ancenis (44), France

40 works

The artist Catherine Villermé walks like a tightrope walker, in an unstable balance between figurative and abstract. The figurative is a context that allows him to tell an emotional story. She places her production at the frontier of reality and imagination. His current priority is to leave all the space to emotion and therefore to a figurative transposed, imagined, inner, which tends more and more towards abstraction. The artist believes in impulses, in listening to a vibration, to a nothing, because the canvas reveals something that we carry within us but that we knew nothing about before we started. The past then colors the emotions that arise.

For her latest pictorial project, Catherine Villermé used Roland Barthes’ book "Fragments d’un discours amoureux", as well as other personal texts and a musical environment, to construct a narrative about love and its paths in small touches. It is a question of starting from the emotions studied by the writer in order to try to translate on canvas the painter’s inner universe into the sphere of love.

The artist mainly uses oil on canvas because it is a technique that imposes his time and forces him to work an emotion to the point of pain sometimes and until he forgets himself. The oil allows all the remorse, all the repetitions, all the superpositions, it allows both confession and lies. Catherine Villermé likes to work with light and coloured scores with a brush, spatula, finger, rag, without excluding anything because she is constantly looking for what corresponds to her deepest expectations.

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