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Modern love

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
145 x 145 cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
145 x 145 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

"What should we paint in 2021? As a painter living in 2021, I am the first witness of what happens to me, of what concerns us. For me, painting is a process that aims to make the viewer think about his condition as a human being. I try to link a colorful aesthetic that contrasts with the more serious subject.

My paintings can appear as decoration but the subject is less light. Here is the concept: A couple of nurses facing the first wave hold hands with love and hope in front of the wave of death. In the background, the jungle where the virus came from, causing the zoonosis.

A devastated jungle which is the immediate consequence of our mass consumption. We can also observe that only the faces are in warm colors, to mark the humanity of these two beings. The protective equipment - made of plastic - demonstrates the fact that we are no longer in symbiosis with our environment, our mother earth."

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MC Garbage

Emerging artist Emerging artist

25 fans

Braine l'alleud, Belgium

29 works

Born in April 1975, a graduate of the DNSEP, MC Garbage lives and works in Brussels. He exhibits in France (Lille, Le Touquet, Paris, St Tropez) and Belgium (Brussels, Mouscron). His paintings are made from photographs (or photographic combinations) of garbage cans found on the streets of the world. Real modern landscapes, they are snapshots of our lives and reveal the futility of our society. At first glance, they are realistic paintings, beautiful to contemplate - quite easy - but they actually denounce the latent problems linked to our way of life.

"As a painter of reality, I want to show things that we no longer see, out of occultation or habit. The waste accumulated in the city allows me to treat all kinds of forms, materials, subjects: shiny and coloured plastics, transparency of acetates, flashy aluminiums, magazine covers dealing with current events, various packaging...

I propose a similar approach to hyperrealistic painters, except that my version - through its mode of representation - differs in its meaning and purpose. My work questions both the art world - what should I paint today? - and the society of men. My garbage paintings reflect the insatiable consumerism of our society. These are modern vanities that remind us of the famous Latin phrase "memento mori", "remember that you will die". Beyond the beauty of this waste, therefore, appears a raw reality: we will all end up like soda cans, on the scrap heap! As a residual effect, I would like the viewer to find art on every street corner by recalling my work and remembering the brevity of life by meditating on the meaning of its existence..." MC Garbage

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