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One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
80 W x 80 H cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
80 W x 80 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

It is not because we do not see something, that it does not exist ... It is not because we do not see suffering, that it does not exist ... It is not because we do not see beauty, that it does not exist ... It is not because we do not see love, that it does not exist ... It is not because we do not see hope, that it does not exist ... The glance on oneself, on the other, on the world, the glance of interiority, is a reflection which returns in a different way, but recurring in the works of alina(lalala). As a rule, her works are not reduced to a simple colouring of surfaces: her assemblages let us sense the "underlying", a simple reflection of the mysteries of the visible.

SHhuut is part of the SWORD series SWORD is a play on words: WORDS - the name of his first series - becomes SWORD. Words, always present in the artist's work, have asserted themselves, grown with her, expressing more and more her vision of the world, always with the aim of engaging in a dialogue with the spectator... And when we know the universe of alina(lalala), and her love for the second degree, we can't help imagining that the reference to Zorro, the masked vigilante who signs with the point of his sword, is not a simple fact of chance.

With SWORD, alina(lalala) fully embraces a duality that has always been omnipresent in her life, and which has naturally imposed itself in her painting. Her evolution in the heart of a mixture of origins, life experiences, lives themselves, which make that we never fully belong to one or the other.

The SWORD series is a collection of works that address the principles by which Alina(lalala) lives and creates; aspects that merge, cross and re-cross, mix and unite in the life of an artist; life and death. She uses and abuses words, loves them, for their meanings, their calligraphies, their harmonies, their forms and their futures. They offer an infinite field of possibilities, which she cherishes... She works them in their purest expression, and sometimes leads them to abstraction. An artistic path that gives her incredible freedom. It is the border between dream and magical reality that fascinates alina(lalala). So many possibilities between the artist who creates and the spectator who receives.

  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 31 works sold
  • 102 works

Alina Schiau, named after her artist alina (lalala), was born in Romania, that of Ceausescu... Her parents decided to flee her, so that their daughter would grow up in a free country. For Alina, it all began during her studies at the Geneva School of Applied Arts where she emerged first from her class, confirming her belief that she is gifted for creation.

Between graphic design and painting, between History and stories; his daughter, his life, love, music, the great masters of yesterday and today, nature, duality... The list knows no end, it even grows longer by the day...

The messages that can be perceived through his works are often coded and become a labyrinth of puzzles, a puzzle that needs to be deciphered (or not). As when you listen to a song in a foreign language, you don't understand it, but it speaks to you and touches you in its own way. And as a game, as a secret, as another story that adds to that of the work, legend has it that on each of her paintings, her daughter comes to put her name on it: "Lili".

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