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Chantal DeletangInsousciance

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
90 W x 90 H cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
90 W x 90 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Girl's story.

Here are represented the moments of joy shared with others are beautiful between children.

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Chantal Deletang

23 works

Chantal Deletang is a painter. She teaches her discipline in a studio in Montmartre from 1988, then in Tours from 1990 where she teaches drawing and painting in order to prepare for the major art schools (Duperré, Estienne, Arts Deco, Beaux-Arts de Paris, Brassart Tours, etc...).

Beyond the technique, irreproachable, of the acrylic painting, media privileged by the artist to carry out the majority of his works, what fascinates at first glance is the care brought to the restitution of an "essential" color, not only decorative but touching the integrality of our being by addressing as well our senses, as our intellect and our feelings. A color with multiple faces, sometimes light and sensual, sometimes gritty and rocky, populated with mysterious shadows; an alchemical color transfiguring the most ordinary reality into something much more disturbing, belonging to the world of dreams, of the unconscious. Chantal Deletang doesn't care about questions of form and genre in her work, she doesn't care about fashions and the diktats of the art market, what she is looking for above all is the right resonance between her inner world and the outer world, a truth, certainly, which is hers but which seduces us by the doubts it raises in us - doubts which show through the fine glazes deposited on her canvas.

A "truth" all in modesty, taking into account the research of his peers, artists of the present and the past who have enlightened his own way - El Greco, Odilon Redon, Gérard Garouste and so many others who knew how to bring color to life, or better yet, to "inhabit" it, in order to restore the complexity of the worlds that encompass us. A color signaling today his personal work, recognizable among all.

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