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Chris PillotNow is gone 12

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
21 W x 30 H cm
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Oil painting
One of a kind work
Mounted Canvas
21 W x 30 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Oil paintings on canvas, with brush n.4 and 6. Indigo color + white on white background.

Starting from the idea that "what we do is filtered by what we each are", Chris Pillot approaches the notion of time through intuitive images constructed by space. His approach, improvised but meticulous, unfolds with mastery and know-how.

Freehand Chris Pillot draws a horizontal line on a white canvas. The gesture is rigorous: the pressure of the hand on the brush must not vary the width of the line. Around this line, the white space appears and becomes an actor by itself. The canvas, which before this line was as if empty, takes on a new meaning. A new line follows the previous one, subtly tightening or spreading the emerging white line. The white space is structured differently according to an instantaneous evolution: it is a real mechanism which is set up. The lines advance with regularity, juxtaposing each other. They condense in certain places, without ever really touching.

Zones of relief are born. These kinds of vibrations, created by a total chance, give rhythm to the work. The movement is varied and spontaneous, the direction of the lines changing according to the artist's feeling once the brush is in hand and the color used.

During the creation, Chris Pillot works only on a small visible part of the canvas. It is only at the end, by unrolling the canvas in its entirety, that the work as a whole emerges. "The result is what each person, with his or her own history and outlook on things, wants to see. It is like a set of waves creating references to what we know, to what exists in the concrete and even to what is compared to matter," she explains.

From the abstract, something both solid and moving is born. The lines move in time and materialize like the structure of things. Everything that is invisible ends up building a solid unity.

"Now Is Gone" is a continuation of "Weavings", where the artist already exploits the creation of a constant movement, the accumulation of lines forming a kind of weaving. The viewer is faced with an organism in permanent evolution.

Chris Pillot
Confirmed artist
  • 35 works

Dedicated to painting for 35 years, Christine Pillot studied in the 80's at the Beaux Arts of Toulouse and at the faculty of Plastic Arts of Bordeaux. As a young painter, she seeks and defends her work against preconceived ideas. At the age of 23 she left for Senegal with her backpack, and stayed there from 1988 to 2008. During these 20 years in Africa, together with Mauro Petroni, she co-directs the workshop "Céramiques Almadies" art centre, exhibition gallery and workshop, a place of reference for artists and cultural operators. This space is still very active today and participates in the biennial of contemporary art in Dakar.

She multiplies artistic projects, commissions, scenography, space and object design.Her exhibition career has taken her work to several African and European countries.

She explores color, transparency, she superimposes, at that time the white background is a taboo. Her series will be on research on geometric abstraction, circles, childhood, expressionism. The last years in Dakar, she works the artistic expression with the patients of the Psychiatric hospital of Fann, and with the street children of the Samu Social. Her next appointment is with South Africa in Knysna where she will have an artistic residency for 2 months together with Maja Marx, for the Saffca.

Since 2009 she lives in her native country and resides in Bordeaux where her studio is located.

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