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Calice semi-lunaire photovoltaïque



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70 x 50 cm
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Photovoltaic semi-lunar calyx is a watercolour punctuated with pencil strokes and touches of watercolour paint. The artwork is made on mineral, tear-proof, multi-technical and ecological paper! It has a unique velvety surface with an exceptional feel.

"The titles chosen are strange sound puns that echo my paintings. Medical, biological, plant and astronomical jargon are linked. These associations give rise to enigmatic visions, baffled by the search for meaning, multiple readings are offered to us. Photovoltaic semi-lunar calyx is a watercolour where strength and fragility come together. I created this work during the Indian summer of 2019, in a context overwhelmed by an illness that touched my heart. The need to paint became more and more entrenched and stronger with each new painting, from that pivotal moment in my life." - Marion Fontaine

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Marion Fontaine

7 fans

DIE (26), France

15 works

"Painting doesn't explain: it merely being and showing what it is; it's up to us to experience it by its contagious power." - Huyghe, Dialogue with the Visible, 1955, p.245.

Marion Fontaine's painting is abstract, it leaves room for the meditative imagination of the observer who becomes an inventor of history. The readings are multiple, the different planes of his paintings are murky and the landscapes infinite. Awakening his daily gaze on the compositions of materials, lights, colours, smells and sounds that surround him is a ritual that allows him to nourish his own imagination.

His abstractions evoke at the same time micro/macroscopic landscapes, forms from the living, organic, mineral or vegetal. What animates her above all is the joy of painting, which is why she has chosen to follow her heart's path that leads her today to be a painter-plastician.

Marion Fontaine has participated in several group exhibitions since 2016 with light and colour as Ariadne's sons. She is a permanent resident at 6B lieu de création et de diffusion artistique in Saint-Denis. In the heart of his workshop, materials, colours and supports are put to the test. By rubbing, scrubbing, dissolving, she experiences the traces of pencils and paints, sometimes until they disappear.

What remains of these materials and colours after multiple manipulations has been printed or embedded in the sheet. These "ghostly" imprints then become the bases and structures of his compositions. Through his research, we can observe the coexistence of complementary notions, such as appearance-disappearance, randomness and fragility.

Among the supports used are transparencies, glass or stone paper, which the light passes through as if through the slices of vegetable or organic cuts under the microscope. The painting reveals itself in depth, as if radiographed.

Marion Fontaine presents a series of abstract watercolours painted on stone paper in which we believe we see corals, the cosmos, mountains, water, lava, sap, trees, in short, the life that springs from the compositions. Ripples, vibrations, ebb and flow are visual elements where the interplay of contrast, colour and transparency are accentuated. It reveals a painting that is at once fragile, delicate in its finesse and transparency and powerful in its colours.

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