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Arnaud MartinLa Rosace

One of a kind work
70 W x 113 H x 1 D cm
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One of a kind work
70 W x 113 H x 1 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

In the middle of a bewitching forest, an open-air cathedral, with flamboyant colors taking us to the summit, the powerful and solemn presence of the bear, the absolute symbol of animal strength, emerges on the highest point.

This fleeting and magical apparition, touching on the fantastic, is an invitation to the wild life. Are we in a dream or in reality? The borders are blurred. A vision is often floating, hardly discernible. Watercolor and chalk are the plastic extensions of this thirst for freedom.

Spectator that we are, in our interior way, it remains for us then to answer this call, to leave the clothes of the old man to spin in the majestic and vertical meanders of the forest in the continuation of the wild life, the only one which is worth being lived.

Arnaud Martin
  • 15 works

Born in 1990, Arnaud Martin is a visual artist working with mixed media, especially watercolor and Indian ink. He lives and works in Ile de France.

Through the colors, the traces and the lines, the artist plunges us in a narrative universe charged with sacred and symbolic. He handles oppositions such as nature versus human construction, the gigantic versus the small, the blur versus the precise... to create an impression on the viewer.

The human being is present and plunges us into the universe allowing us to give it a scale as well as a reality. We can often see him alone as living the story that is being told.
The human thus represents the context, highlighting the time and place.

We also find the artist's fascination for the achievements and the surpassing of man in the face of adversity.

Marked by the drawing, Arnaud Martin tries to tell a story through his works. The precision of certain elements worked in ink and pen contrasts with the almost random watercolour treatment of their environment.

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