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Martin AmicLe vallon des auffes

Emerging artist
From a limited edition of 5
80 W x 80 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Digital photography
Limited edition of 5
80 W x 80 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

In Marseille, in the Vallon des Auffes, a small enclave of fishermen in the heart of the city, spanned by a viaduct. Back to the dark and calm sea, I only have a small holiday camera, but that doesn’t bother me: I want to capture the curve of the arch of the viaduct and this decatized facade on the right, hung on a rock, which makes me think of these old Italian villages where everyone has added, without official authorization and according to their means, an extension to their property. The camera does an approximate white balance that suits me very well and that I accentuate a little to the development. With the contrast, the sky becomes flat like a poorly painted wall, without depth, which makes even more singular the presence of the two modern buildings, set on a corner of a hill, in this ageless setting. This image sums up what I think of the city where I was born quite well: a city that "manages" as best it can.

Print on Baryta Hahnemühle paper 315gr. ARTtrust Certificate of Authenticity. I strongly recommend that you specifically lighten the picture: the black of the baryta will bring out the luminance of the subject wonderfully.

Martin Amic
Emerging artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2018
  • 30 works

Filmmaker ( "My dear parents",...), scriptwriter, actor ( a few films and hundreds of fictions and readings for France Culture), Martin AMIC started photography very early. These different artistic practices are mutually enriching. In 2009, he met Willy Ronis for a long time, who carefully analysed and analysed his work, pointing out with kindness the elements on which he needed to improve. He did this conscientiously for the next eight years.

Today, his photographic work has matured. The image, inseparable from the text that accompanies it, becomes an extraordinary fragment of history that the spectator’s imagination enriches.

For square formats on a very limited edition black or white background: Since time immemorial, whatever the medium, he has been interested in abolishing the frame. In the work presented here, light or its absence accompanies the gaze towards the colours or the subject by dissolving the frame and the useless, while opening the imagination to the occulted parts. The black and white flat areas create a distance from the subject, like a Brechtian distance, which gives a different view of the photographic object. Martin AMIC proposes a reflection on the blurring of the boundaries between photography, painting and drawing.

"Fiat Lux! And there was light. It is from this primordial darkness that Martin Amic makes us discover all that we do not see of the objects or architectures that we thought we knew. But more than an earthly light through his photos, it is indeed a penetrating light of sensitive humanity that radiates to us! What a beautiful discovery these pictures are!" Nathalie Kaufmann-Khelifa Historian of Art, author.

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