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From a limited edition of 20 | Ready to Hang
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Digital photography
Limited edition of 20
50 x 50 cm
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Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Series "2h09".

Night lighting reveals places that we do not always suspect, places in front of which we pass daily without seeing them and which take on an unexpected aesthetic dimension after dark, sometimes bordering on abstraction. These photos were taken at various times of the night, mainly in Auvergne in remote rural areas or on the outskirts of small towns.

These improbable pieces of light no longer exist only in cities anymore, they reflect the standardization of our lifestyles and landscapes, both reassuring and often monstrous.

Each image has the title of its shooting time. 2h09 is one of them, chosen because this time is both out of space and out of time. This is the moment when nothing happens, where time is frozen, the evening is long over, and the beginning of the next day still very far away.

Drawing on Dibond. The print is verified, signed and numbered by the artist. It will be packed in bubble wrap and shipped in rigid cardboard packaging.

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Yann Theveniaud

Emerging artist Emerging artist

34 fans

Job (63), France

17 works

Yann Theveniaud, 36, lives and works near Ambert in the Forez, a medium mountain massif that is his first source of inspiration. Photography is a family affair: his father taught him the basic rules of composition at an early age. But it is especially from 2006 that it becomes an essential part of her life, to move towards a more personal and intimate path.

"For me, the image is only interesting if it arouses an emotion. It is the contemporary photography that I like the most, that of Alec Soth, Raymond Depardon, Gregory Crewdson, Josef Hoflehner, Martin Parr...

I like to reflect on the themes of memory, the individual past, the territory and the introspective gaze of the photographer. My work has become during the series an almost psychoanalytical personal reflection." Y.T.

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