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Compression végétale n°04

From a limited edition of 15 | Ready to Hang
Recipient of the dedication:

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Digital photography
Limited edition of 15
90 x 60 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Photo print under 2 mm acrylic glass, glossy, with Fuji Crystal DP II paper + Hanging system.

It's from the "Culinary Compressions" work series.

"I start with an everyday object and bring out an abstract and poetic image using a method I have been using and refining for years. My influence comes from the science and technique of macroscopic photography. As well as an influence from abstract painting. I position myself at odds with a traditional conception of culinary photography. These photographs expose the infinite in a permanent tension between two extremes that usually evade our view, namely the microscopic and macroscopic worlds, the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

Unpublished landscapes are created within the work from common subjects that have become unrecognizable. The work on the textures and on the light, which in turn imposes or evades, gives the work a pictorial character. It could be a revisiting of still life, transforming it into immortal nature, the choice of organic matter not being insignificant. Within this intraterrestrial world, at the eternally present moment of contemplation, the infinite is spread out, both of interpretations and of the image itself. The work is in perpetual saturation. It encompasses the world from its creation to its apogee, for it is to be contemplated as a macrocosm. Space-time is drifting towards abstraction.

The gaze is plunged into the unfathomable abyss of life whose depths it does not touch. On the contrary, it is carried in an upward movement towards the vault of possibilities. We come out of the dictatorship of forms, which are triturated, cut out, superimposed,... to arrive at a new genesis, a Promethean attempt to offer in spectacle the secret of the gods of this terrestrial Olympus. The artist, the work as well as the spectator become co-creators of a new universe that abrogates exclusivities. Photographs highlight the fact that everything is correspondence, especially when you see the ends of our space-time prison merging together." - Night8Bird

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Santeny (94), France

18 works

Gaëtan Changeur alias Night8Bird was born in Paris in 1981. Photographer-Plastician, he followed his training at the EFET School of Photography, he is passionate about black and white photography and devotes himself to creative and intuitive work with the technique of the photogram.

His work in colour photography began in the 2000s with the theme "Culinary Compressions". From the infinitely large to the infinitely small. A photographic journey into abstraction and matter in a new form. With macro photography as the main tool.

Night8Bird uses living materials mainly fruit or vegetables that it slices very thinly to obtain transparency. Then, he very often compresses them between two large glass plates in order to deform them and remove them from their original shape. He often mixes other liquids and dyes.

Night8Bird explores the intimacy and beauty of simple subjects in her daily life. The idea is to get out of classical culinary photography and get a little closer to an abstract painting. He tries to remove some of the visual cues associated with them and focus only on their aesthetic and poetic character.

His photographs invite the viewer to an infinite, limitless journey between structure and destructure. Tamed by his gaze, the most banal of vegetables, becomes an abstract work of art.

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