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Florent Chretien 8Dalle

Confirmed artist
From a limited edition of 10
40 W x 30 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Digital photography
Limited edition of 10
40 W x 30 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Series 5ML

"Photo taken on the Beaugrenelle slab in Paris. Self-portrait made with a self-timer, about twenty shots were necessary to achieve this balance.

The white wall under my feet is a staircase ramp, and the angle was chosen so that only these flat areas of color appear. What does not appear in the image is the height. With each jump, I landed on the stairs, well below my starting point." Florent Chretien

Florent Chretien 8
Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2021
  • 16 works

Florent Chretien 8 is an atypical artist, who has the ability to treat sensitive subjects with a certain lightness. In his photographs, he evokes decadent urbanization, religion, intimacy, or gender issues. He evokes these themes with a certain freshness and his very own poetry. A sociologist by training, Florent Chretien 8 has studied body norms and the relationship to the body in our societies with a sharp and critical eye. Also trained in photography in the dance world, he quickly linked sociology and photography by using the image as a support for his research. For him, the image allows a faster, more incisive reading of a subject. A great sportsman, his own body naturally became the subject of his photographic performances, as in the series "OTR128" and "5ML", presented here on Kazoart, which do not include any tricks. His last name "Christian" and his resemblance to Christ, then led him to play with religious symbolism. In the series "Corpus Dei" (not yet presented here), he embodies the body of God, to make the link between reality and belief. His approach, between provocation and research in human sciences, has not finished surprising us. As he says himself: "I am trying to answer the question that should interest everyone: can we become God? I will keep you posted! Through his work, he brings out two conflicts "body/space" and "body/belief". Body/space: defines the place of man in the environment, in the city, questions the confrontation of the individual body with universes entirely structured by our societies. Body/belief : questions our limits by creating a subjective look at the history of our societies, by questioning the part of the real and the unreal and our capacity to adhere to certain beliefs. Regularly invited to exhibit his work or to participate in collective projects, his work is constantly reinventing itself. Future series of photographs should be released. Do not hesitate to follow his work, to ask him and discuss with him, he will be happy to talk about these themes that are dear to him. See you soon, Laure-Hélène Delprat Marketing Manager Editions du Seuil

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