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Isabelle SeilernPaysage n°12

Confirmed artist
From a limited edition of 5 | Framed and Ready to Hang
67 W x 50 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Digital photography
Limited edition of 5
67 W x 50 H cm
Yes (71 W x 54 H cm)
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

- Attracted by the light and the colors, I saw an imaginary landscape

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Isabelle Seilern
Confirmed artist

16 works

Isabelle Seilern is a visual artist, born in Salzburg, Austria, who lives and works in Paris. Her works are exhibited in Europe. In 2013 France2 presented her in the Télématin program. The writer and art critic Jean-Philippe Domecq, wrote a text about her work, and supports her by presenting her with Critic'Art.

"... Isabelle Seilern has the poetry of the apparent banal, showing what is extraordinary in the ordinary for those with a keen eye. How does she fix the attention? By the vision all in reflections, which produces here the lateral glance which illuminates, reveals what is there. Shop windows, sidewalks, streets to go to, faded asphalt, frosted glass, neon lights in the rain - so many things on which the lens focuses in a shot that makes a prism, condenses and liquefies. Then the artist determines and works his optics so that "the" real seen in this way refracts the eye that sees it. The eye in the physical and psychic sense indissolubly intertwined, and which constitutes what is called a "look", a "way of seeing", the photographic box filtering what happens in the cranial box, from the sensitive cornea to behind the retina, where it imprints on the background of the brain..." Jean-Philippe Domecq, Art critic.

Three phenomena have fascinated Isabelle Seilern for a long time: shadow, light reflections and water in all its metamorphoses. If until now she only used the camera, in her recent research, she incorporates drawing and engraving.

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