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Anima matter - 05

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From a limited edition of 7 | Ready to Hang
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Film photography
Limited edition of 7
90 x 60 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

ANIMA MATTER, first of all the process; silver shots of landscapes, places in the intimate sphere, known, benevolent places.

From these negatives of the paper prints comes the construction: in 1 the light, in 2 the paper print, sometimes a second paper print, and finally either a piece of photo gelatin or a piece of glass.

Everything is transparent, light passes through. Everything is placed, affixed, it does not block, the flow flows. The strata are like layers of earth soil sediment with this form at the very top. It is an invitation to jump to an elsewhere, not an elsewhere that would be one beyond, nor the essence of the world but an elsewhere as a simultaneous world, a kind of fourth dimension of the refuge.

These are photos of resilience, in the sense of resisting shock and these are photos of re-ANIMAtion, with anima in the sense of breath, breath of soul, which breathes what animates, this search for breath by matter, Anima Matter.

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Emilie Moysson

Emerging artist Emerging artist

105 fans

Bordeaux (33), France

71 works

Originally hailing from Bordeaux, photographer Emilie Moysson has perfected her interest in light from history’s great fashion and portrait photographers. In parallel she carries out original artistic research characterised by superimposing images in her digital creations.

A committed portrait artist

Emilie Moysson lives and works in Paris. In 2001, she graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins in Paris with a degree in professional photography. As a portrait artist, she has photographed producers Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud for the film Persepolis’ press pack, as well as Spike Lee, Mathieu Kassovitz and John Malkovich. She has also immortalised stylists Marithé François Girbaud, actors and journalist Afsia Herze, Thierry Fremont and Ivan Levai, artist Annette Messager, and musicians Archie Shepp, Nicolas Jaar and the Magnetix.

As a photographer she has worked with art magazines (Dome Magazine), film magazines (Studio Cinélive), music magazines (Clark Magazine), fashion magazines (Numéro Thailand) and a number of designers. She also teaches photography and leads workshops for Lignes & Formations, the Ecole des Gobelins and Graines de Photographe.

Light, a guiding theme

Emilie Moysson’s artistic work is more personal. As she travels around the world, she looks for moments which showcase the extraordinary in raw reality, on the hunt for a viewpoint that brings shelter to the observer.

The view, angle, setting and light enable her to serve this quest or the creation of an extraordinary moment that will allow the observer to simply switch off. Moysson fills every one of her series with enormous sensitivity, bringing meaning without diverting from reverie, wonder and enchantment.  

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