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Promenade sous acides, ils s'en vont

One of a kind work | Ready to Hang
30 x 20 cm
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Film photography
One of a kind work
30 x 20 cm
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Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Close to a contemporary spiritualism, my camera is an intrinsic organ that allows me to make self-portraits of my psyche, fluctuating according to my emotions.

Single edition.

Silver print on Zor-Ex. Forex is a very rigid plastic panel, composed of two very thin PVC sheets, as well as a layer of hard foam that gives it a silky surface. Both lightweight and perfectly waterproof, it is totally resistant to temperature changes.

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Chloé Coislier

Emerging artist Emerging artist

82 fans

epinay sur orge (91), France

93 works

Chloé C. student in arts develops her research on the transmission and awakening of memories. By combining silver and digital, chemically damaging her films while leaving them to chance, she creates abstract images where familiar shapes can be detached.

Through my photos I would like to demonstrate that the temptation to believe in the myth of objectivity in photography occurs when we give in to the temptation to believe in the objectivity of our perceptions and memories


By letting go of an open mind, by accepting the unknown and the unspeakable, we can open ourselves to many equally interesting impressions. I would like to lead the spectator to introduce imaginary, unknown things, without feeling any fear, as a kind of new learning of the world through psychedelic assimilation as well as emotional order with the emotions and feelings that only he will be able to experience... I adopt a method of deconstruction, of transformation by hoping to plunge the spectator into a dreamlike universe while being connected to a reality. My subjects are more or less discernible, and their bodies detach themselves, or blend into abstract materials of random colours and shapes. Drowned in them, sinking into the heart of a whole that emancipates itself from a tenacious world, I also study the plastic representation of the pure psyche. It is now possible to scan our brain in a very scientific, real and objective way. On the other hand, I would like to offer a vision of what the meanders of thoughts could be in their raw state. Like a probe, my device would capture these moments of pure drift and free from fleeting vague daydreams."

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