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Ingrid DornerAponyme

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work | Framed and Ready to Hang
25 W x 20 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Film photography
One of a kind work
25 W x 20 H cm
Yes (28 W x 23 H cm)
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity


Aponyme is the contraction of anonymous, which has no name, and eponym, which gives its name. The starting point is the discovery of old negatives on glass plates at a flea market. These models are five unknowns. Only the date of the shooting is revealed on an old paper: 1903. These five people, these sisters, will certainly never be identified and will remain anonymous forever. So, through this series, Ingrid Dorner wanted to make them travel by transporting them with her to the present. In the absence of a name, of an identity, revealing these forgotten negatives gives them a new existence. The representation is deliberately explosive and anarchic, an image of the effect of the time elapsed between the original photo captured on glass and the resurrection of these anonymous people on paper. The emulsion of the developer is made with a brush, like the portrait painter, symbolic of a time when posing in front of the lens with the family was a rare and powerful moment. The plastic, tortured, crumpled aspect takes us away from the original photo and finally gives back their anonymity to these sisters. This project is above all an encounter, that of a photographer of the present and these models of the past, but also the inexorable proof that the image captures time, but also transforms it.

Ingrid Dorner
Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2021
  • 11 works

Originally from Brioude in Auvergne, Breton by adoption, it was by chance that Ingrid Dorner moved to Munich in Germany.

From Rolleiflex to NikonF, from the old camera to the disposable camera, it does not reject any shooting mode. This shot is precisely his blank canvas, his initial impetus. Arrival in his dark room, the magic operates ... It is here that the creative act takes shape. She experiments with chemical processes, superimposes negatives and materials ...

Passionate and whole self-taught artist, she draws her inspiration from the intangible vibrations of life, the passing of time, oblivion, genealogy, genetics, the writings and concepts of the philosopher Henri Bergson ... But through her mysterious photographs and sometimes provocative, it always expresses a certain tenderness. Sow doubt sometimes ... But gentleness should always prevail.

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