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Ingrid DornerNot

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work | Framed and Ready to Hang
33 W x 33 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Mixed media
One of a kind work
33 W x 33 H cm
Yes (9 W x 12 H cm)
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Cutting of silver photograph (single print in darkroom) glued on Arche paper, acrylic paint mixed with glue and varnish. Work framed in an off-white frame. Superposition of two mats. Unique work. NOT "Homo homi lupus est" said Hobbes. Man is a wolf for man.

What does the human being fear? In his relationship with others, he sometimes loses his reason... in front of the other... the dominant... Even as an adult, he finds his childish instincts and reflexes in an attitude of submission to the authority of a power, transforming every social interaction into a simple transaction between a "parent" and a "child." He obeys orders militarily, blinded by an automatic and daily enslavement. Thinking neither by him nor for him, he becomes a mere tool, a hand for the one who dominates him, in a relationship of domination that suffocates him, steals his time, drives him mad...

Manipulated, reduced to silence like an inert plastic dummy with a blank look or an obedient dog just good at listening to orders. These photographic collages, minimalist and surrealist, sometimes even grotesque, are superimpositions of human souls and emotions facing a situation of domination. They represent both the strength and the suffering of an adult being imprisoned in his childish soul but who fiercely wants to grow up. Will this flamboyant anger represented by the red material get him out of this ordinary slavery? Will the hastily made photographic cut-outs with these irregular contours and drips be quick enough to extricate him from his immature instincts?

Ingrid Dorner
Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2021
  • 11 works

Originally from Brioude in Auvergne, Breton by adoption, it was by chance that Ingrid Dorner moved to Munich in Germany.

From Rolleiflex to NikonF, from the old camera to the disposable camera, it does not reject any shooting mode. This shot is precisely his blank canvas, his initial impetus. Arrival in his dark room, the magic operates ... It is here that the creative act takes shape. She experiments with chemical processes, superimposes negatives and materials ...

Passionate and whole self-taught artist, she draws her inspiration from the intangible vibrations of life, the passing of time, oblivion, genealogy, genetics, the writings and concepts of the philosopher Henri Bergson ... But through her mysterious photographs and sometimes provocative, it always expresses a certain tenderness. Sow doubt sometimes ... But gentleness should always prevail.

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