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Romain Bonnet

Emerging artist Emerging artist

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Romain Bonnet manipulates, edits and re-edits his photos with specialist software to obtain the results he desires. For connoisseurs, he works mainly with layer masks and brushes in an effort to mimic the effects of painting. This allows him to create the lighting effects and hues desired.

New artistic practices for new projects

A former professional flamenco guitarist, Romain Bonnet has immersed himself in a new artistic project which he has been dreaming of for a long time. He frequently uses photos of women as a medium for expressing his ideas and inspiration. “I don’t have a routine or any artistic ritual for my work. Like a musician (which I was), a lot of what I do is improvised.” Skilful improvisation that always has an idea or message to pass on.

Focusing on female portraits

His artworks bring with them an aura of mystery enhanced by digital effects. The subject often looks directly at the observer, allowing them to be immersed in this fictional gaze. The face appears framed and eroded by the décor. The lines mix, altering the reality we can identify of a woman, leaving in its place raw expression. Young, beautiful women with flawless skin take on more texture. Their status of unattainable beauty disappears under the unholy attacks of the paint.

Paradoxically, the approach gives them a new materiality, focusing largely on their initial magnificence, whilst subjugating it with micro-imperfections.

Other inspirations also lead him to photo manipulation. He heavily edits a number of photos to create a scene that then becomes his snapshot, enabling him to give a surrealist and artistic take on subjects from everyday life.

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