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Mémoire d'eau III rose et gris bleu

From a limited edition of 8
42 x 30 cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Limited edition of 8
42 x 30 cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Original" linocut (creation, engraving and printing are manual and made by the artist) printed on Japanese imitation paper format 30 x 42 cm.
Matrix plate of dimensions 20 x 35,5 cm.
Oil-based typographic ink. A limited edition of 8 prints legally gives each print the value of a unique piece.
The recent "Mémoire d’eau" series is a continuation of the previous "Waves and Surges" series launched in 2008. Similar to wood engraving, linocut allows to deploy expressive graphic possibilities enriched by the work of polychromy, in several plates.

The artist’s work focuses on a recurring theme: the expression of the dynamics of natural flows, turbulence, metastable states (between chaos and balance) and refers to a poetic approach to Nature close to the philosophy of Japanese art. It is a question of expressing the movement, power and expansion force of Nature, and graphically translating this fundamental vitality, this "Great All" dear to Victor Hugo, by taking into account the question of the limits of the framework of representation. The regular practice of drawing on the spot continuously feeds, in parallel, the creation in engraving. The shadow of the Breton engraver painter, Henri Rivière, who loves Japanese prints, is never far away.

artist avatar

Eric Durant

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

100 fans

Bois Colombes (92), France

230 works

Since 1990, Éric Durant has regularly participated in national and international trade shows dedicated to engraving. Member of the engravers’ association "Engraver Maintenant". Engraving, now, for this artist is: Drawing by digging its furrow, testing the resistance of the material, generating a matrix, inking, unwinding, printing. Reveal an image... Keep a memory, honour the margins, celebrate slowness, do everything backwards, be there.

About linocut:
Over the years, linocut has established itself in its artistic activity as a privileged means of expression. It is a relief engraving technique (saving size) similar to wood engraving. Surfaces dug with a gouge will not be printed. The matrix is made of linoleum. It is a humble, artisanal practice that offers a slow ritual, with long drying times, where surprise and the unexpected, by decision, intuition or chance can occur, and reproduce, at different stages of creation. The power of colour, specific to oil-based typographic ink, the effects of textures due to printing conditions or the nature of the substrate, are combined with the possibilities of matrix permutations. The simplicity and modesty of the technique, which creative work can make people forget, continue to seduce him and feed his creation.

Read Eric Durant’s interview on the blog

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