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Edvard MunchLes amoureux, 1890 | Lovers, 1890

Legendary artist
From a limited edition of 60
51 W x 65 H cm
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Limited edition of 60
51 W x 65 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Lithography after the original drawing of 1890 of the MUNCH MUSEUM in Oslo (Norway) & for the 1st time in the world in lithography.

Edition signed & numbered at only 60 copies (The numbering may be different from the lithograph presented).

From the drawing to the printing, this lithograph has been entirely handmade. With the same technical and artistic constraints, the same gestures reproduced on the same old machines. Drawing and printing color by color on lithographic press Marinoni Voirin of 1920

Title : The Lovers (Man & woman in bed) - 1890

Technique : Lithography

Date lithography : 2018


Format : 65x51 cm / 25,6x20 in

Paper : Velin d'Arches 270g

Justification : Signed & numbered in pencil by the lithographer and the editor

Dry stamp Publisher & Lithography workshop

Certificate of authenticity

Edvard Munch
Legendary artist
  • 5 works

Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944) is a Norwegian painter and engraver, probably the most famous artist of the Scandinavian countries, recognized as one of the precursors of the expressionist painting.

And more broadly of modern art, in the same way as Van Gogh or Gauguin, he is known worldwide for his work The Cry (Skrik in Norwegian). A work that has been taken up and diverted many times. Painted in tempera on cardboard, it is in fact a version of a series of 5 works (three paintings, a pastel and a lithograph) produced between 1893 and 1917.

To understand Munch's work, it is important to know some elements of his life. From an early age, he was confronted with illness and death. His mother and one of his sisters were taken by the disease when he was still a child. Illness pursued Munch all his life, being himself of weak constitution. He was always afraid of death and was subject to many episodes of depression.

His expressionism is marked by the desire to symbolize human emotions - especially anguish and pain. The Scream is part of the Frieze of Life, a series of paintings that form an allegory of the course of life.

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