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Cécile DegouyProtégé des intempéries 1

One of a kind work
42 W x 29 H cm
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One of a kind work
42 W x 29 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

This is an acrylic painting glued on a silkscreen.

artist avatar
Cécile Degouy

17 works

Cécile Degouy's artistic approach is based on associations of fragments of images found in magazines, from films, or screen captures. Through pictorial interventions in acrylic, oil, and drawing, she questions these visual elements, deciphers them and transforms them into motifs... Little by little, a choice is made at the heart of her manipulations from which a detail or a sensation will emerge, evoking a memory, echoing her own personal history.

She creates formats on paper or canvas with a lively and colourful style, they are the result of attempts at superimpositions, confrontations, destructuring, splitting up by cutting and collage where the fragments of images integrate and merge.

The artist's universe is populated with faces, scenes, landscapes, forms. Cécile Degouy plays with our perception so that a whole iconography, suggested or underlying, leaves room for the imagination and dreams.

Her process is within the limits of figuration where the time of elaboration of a work is an essential factor in her creative process. Leaving behind the immediacy inherent to the current mode of image distribution, painting once again becomes the medium that allows the artist to control the duration of the construction of a representation while feeling reactive and alive in a society overdosed with images.

Jacques Py

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