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One of a kind work
28 W x 28 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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One of a kind work
28 W x 28 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Engraving on Tetrapack 2/10. Intaglio ink. Cotton paper 300gr. Possibility to add a frame.

  • KAZoART artist since 2018
  • 26 works

In art, the body is the skeleton of painting. The body is protean, it can adopt many postures, attitudes. Since the beginning of the world, it has inspired and been at the centre of the artists’ pictorial creations. I am in the wake of the elders. The body, perceived with the eyes of my time, is always the starting point of my plastic research. It is through him that we apprehend the world the universe. It is the showcase of our soul. I paint life. The flesh. The energy that emanates from the bodies. Not the standards, the perfect, "sanitized", stereotyped bodies, the ideal images of the media that govern us and condition our judgment. All kinds of bodies. I try to keep a freedom of thought. As Picasso said: "Art is not the application to a beauty cannon, but what instinct and the brain can conceive independently of the cannon. "Over time I strip my drawing of the superfluous. I’m trying to get to the point. I strive to free the bodies from their gang and to express their quintessence. The sketch then corresponds best to my spontaneous and fast personality.

I use watercolour black stone and mixed techniques: natural pigments, gold leaf, spray can. The media are the main part of recycled paper (worked advertising posters, torn "peeled"). The body is at the centre of my work so it reappears in my other work, for example in beach scenes. In summer I paint the beach bathers, their bodies languid and lying on the sand or floating in the water. I also explore other subjects: portraits, birds....always with a certain speed of execution to express life and keep lightness.

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