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Véronique VantesoneHéro & Léandre

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
10 W x 30 H x 10 D cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Bronze Sculpture
One of a kind work
10 W x 30 H x 10 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Bronze sculpture in acrylic glass, like an inaccessible jewel!

This sculpture is part of the collection "Mythical Couples".

Véronique Vantesone
Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2020
  • 19 works

Since 1998, the year she first came into contact with clay, Véronique Vantesone has been fascinated by this magical land and the creative possibilities it offers. She starts with the feminine nude, elegant and sensual, but soon it is the legs that catch her attention: it is these female legs that she wants to sublimate through her creations. An ode to elegance and sensuality. An original and seductive universe. Faithful to this reign of femininity, her new "Precious Women" series gives back all its visibility to the female body. It is not by chance that, while melting its models in bronze, baptized with the name of precious stones, these latest creations insist on the dignity and vital power of women. One is struck, at first glance, by the importance of the belly and hip area: but isn't this where life takes its origin and its development? Thus, she rediscovers the inspiration of the first sculptors and the cult that they rendered, through their art, to the woman-mother. Like a jewel in its case, the bronze sculpture floats in its acrylic glass.

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