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From a limited edition of 8
19 W x 41 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Bronze Sculpture
Limited edition of 8
19 W x 41 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Heracles, demigod, famous for his strength, his courage and his many exploits... A virile strength emerges from his Herculean torso, lightened by the detachment of the cubic base.

Depth 26 cm

Sculpture made on demand. Delivery time: 2 months. Possibility to personalize the patina (ebony, green bronze, golden brown ...) Sculpture sold with certificate of authenticity. For any further information, please contact Kazoart's team.

artist avatar

Francine Tobiass


KAZoART artist since 2021

Confirmed Artist Confirmed Artist

"Do not remove a grain of raw material until you are able to replace it with a grain of spirit".

Whatever its aesthetic will, a sculpture is always impressive. It catches the eye, forces respect or rejection, but you cannot miss it, with an indifferent eye as is possible for a bad painting. Is it due to the fact that it is a volume, a full in the emptiness of space, similar in that to the human being or because for a long time it has been an idol, an object of worship, a religious support?

Carving your philosopher's stone, a powerful symbol of life, what extravagance and yet succeeding in creating a shape is each time a surprise, a wonder! The sculpture is presented as an immense site where the unrevealed waits to be, just as our unconscious waits to be cleared in order to bring out the unspoken of our personality.

This sublime art is sometimes a revealer, a tool, a means of accessing a better understanding of oneself. The path of sculpture is neither linear nor in constant progression. The essential step is to see, a sense that we unfortunately have so little developed in our Western education. This requires questioning our sensitivity and our critical mind.

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