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Catherine VillaEn apesanteur

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
33 W x 27 H cm
private sale -20%
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Bronze Sculpture
One of a kind work
33 W x 27 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Here, the artist stages the fragility of humanity in suspension, in balance. This human group supports itself: they are ready to leave almost in movement, their legs are stretched, they form a block. The bodies are suggested in order to leave the viewer the time to finish the sculpture, to appropriate it, almost to "go inside". The work is completely realized (base and Human Forms) in lost wax bronze.

Appreciate the beauty of the base which is bumped, as the earth could be. The patina is quite contemporary and beautiful with blue and green reflections on the gilded bronze chips that can be seen in transparency under the wax. The sculpture is unique: each time, the artist works on the wax, modifies the patina and changes the position of the form on the base. The work is signed and numbered.

Catherine Villa
Confirmed artist
  • 17 works

Man in his emotions and his relationship with others is at the center of Catherine Villa's concerns.

A psychologist in her previous life, the time spent caring for souls has left its mark. Looking at these miraculously emerged forms, one stands still.
This image appearing in the light is Us.

"I am attracted to what cannot be seen, so I paint and sculpt emotions, moments of separation, crowds that move and seek each other, bonds that are made and broken. I put humanity back at the center of everything. Catherine Villa

What emotions inhabit us? And what do we do with them? It is time to watch ourselves live. Close to everyone, Catherine literally integrates us into her work. Her characters are always in life, always in question, always waiting. They are walking towards an uncertain future, in balance but actors of their history.

After her research in art therapy, after practicing watercolor for 10 years and then oil painting, the artist has been working since 2012 with clay and bronze, in particular with the Delmas foundry, the official foundry of Camille Claudel's works.

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