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Les HelenesL'Indienne noire

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
11 W x 30 H x 10 D cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Bronze Sculpture
One of a kind work
11 W x 30 H x 10 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

If the Amerindian woman is a weaver, a potter she is also a mother. But not only, they were more egalitarian and are still perhaps a model for our contemporary societies. Women often had a representative power, they were sometimes deputies or chiefs.

Chiefs SQUAW means Woman Chief. Why has history not recognized the names of some women, such as Pocahontas perhaps.

This sculpture is unique because the bronze is cast in a silicon clay mold that burns and disappears during the fusion.

artist avatar
Les Helenes
Confirmed artist

18 works

Every life comes alive through encounters. The Hélènes met in Antibes, on the benches of the Lycée Audiberti. They share their ideas of a singular aesthetic, from the idea to the material, the creation is organized.

Glass in the first place: their engravings are found in magical places from Paris to Mauritius. Alain DUCASSE solicits them for his restaurants, many interior designers will follow. After glass engraving, the Hélènes plunged into glass sculpture and created works that they distributed in the greatest art galleries and boutiques alongside Lalique and Daum. They love glass, and wood appears at the turn of an exhibition in a large vineyard, wood of 100 year old barrels, Les Hélènes insert glass to create an ocean in a tree. After having engraved and sculpted the glass and the wood, the bronze appears magical and luminous.

These three noble materials come alive and interact as Les Hélènes speak of the mythological and legendary figures that emerge from the alchemy of bronze casting, glass rain and the carving of 100 year old oak wood.

Working with four hands, the Hélènes create and innovate artistic works of their own, and their independence of character is certainly the best guarantee of creation, imagination, authenticity and quality. The Hélènes practice: drawing, engraving, clay modeling, wood and glass sculpture as well as bronze chasing.

The meaning of their creation is apparent in their various plastic creations where wood, bronze and glass merge, taking us from Africa, the cradle of humanity, to Greece, the cradle of philosophy.

The creations of Hélènes have no limits in technique or in material and follow the same idea, to play with the light.

Their technique to create their bronze pieces is unique because they sculpt directly in silico-clay cast sand the imprint of their work before casting the metal the mold being destroyed each time.

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