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Michèle JarnouxTerre paysage 20

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
15 W x 8 H x 13 D cm
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Ceramic Sculpture
One of a kind work
15 W x 8 H x 13 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Michèle Jarnoux creates in volume her feeling of nature and offers a true sculptural vision. Ready to defy the technical obstacles of the material, she confronts the possible filiations of glass and ceramic.

She summons fragility and delicacy by reconnecting with the original nature to feel the strength of the elements. The transparency of the glass evokes water, foam and the roughness of the earth.

Translucent, colored, sometimes opaque, the elements are worked in depth with effects of shadow and light.

Michèle Jarnoux
Confirmed artist
  • 26 works

Michèle Jarnoux, the secret filiations of matter

"I want to get off the beaten track, to seek emotion through innovation.

Michèle Jarnoux's sculptures mix ceramics and fused glass, two particularly indecisive materials that require manual expertise and patience.

A lover of nature, her work bears witness to the preservation of the environment and the marine world, giving back to nature its relief and its particularities. It is a dream in the making, stretching from the depths of the sea to the sky.

Dedicated entirely to sculpture since 2011, her artistic approach is based on the search for the transformation of the material. Without any model or drawing beforehand, the artist lets herself be carried by her imagination. The form is born from her hands. Accident and control influence each other, respond to each other and make sense together.

"I visualize my work and my hands sculpt. My fingers are my eyes."

Her first series entitled Empreintes et Variations that she elaborates from 2011 to 2013 gives birth to characters emerging from the rock, bordering on abstraction. Then her series Mémoires de la Mer (Memories of the Sea) in 2013 illustrates her research on the effects of textured matter evoking coral and the association of glass and ceramics.

A discovery of 2020 born of a happy accident that the artist has been analyzing and mastering ever since, brings together in the center of the sculpture the glass that foams like foam. The effect is particularly surprising and successful. This emergence of a part of the marvellous is a true experience in the heart of the material.

Extract from the text Caroline Canault Art Critic.

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