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Naomi - SlooowLady cullinan 2/8

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
40 W x 40 H cm
Recipient of the dedication:

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Metal Sculpture
One of a kind work
40 W x 40 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

"In 2018, I had the opportunity, at the request of the Belgian importer of Rolls Royce, to revisit the flying Lady. Instead of presenting 1 project, I did 6, one for each car. Tailor-made work is my driving force for creation. This forces me to question, every time, what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. For these sculptures, I studied the history of each Rolls in order to discern their personality and translate it into sculpture.

The Cullinan is their SUV. A car that can travel the mountains, the desert, the rivers, the woods, it is the car of adventure. My flying lady became, the wind, the river, every curve that was flown. Inspired by the "victory of Samothrace", it has become the one that announces victories and conquers hearts. She is an adventurous woman ready to dive without fear (see artistic approach) In each sculpture movement is essential, so that each perspective is different. This makes the sculpture interesting because you have to change your point of view in order to be able to define the work as a whole. To be the movement or to be the instigator of the movement; this certainly comes to me from my training as an architect. I have always been fascinated by architects such as Victor Horta or Zaha Hadid. Movement is omnipresent there. They remain a source of inspiration to this day. The curves of the "Lady Cullinan" are also inspired by the language of street art such as John One and the action painting of Jackson Pollock.

I didn't want to have random curves but rather a personal writing style like them. This is why it is more representative of my artistic work than any other. This research where I try to transform the writing found in painting into sculpture. In making it I had the impression that I had a brush in my hand and that I had drawn each curve in the air and that it had been materialized in this space. All I had to do was pick it. (actually it was more complex." - SLOOOOW

Naomi - Slooow
Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 7 works

SLOOOW is influenced by painters, quilling paper art, Street Art, Marvel and Surrealism. His works are characterized by a figurative part (which allows the viewer to begin to tell his story about something concrete) and another abstract part (part that takes the viewer into his imagination).

It is the combination of the abstract and the figurative that makes the work accessible to all and allows the viewer to reclaim it. These figurative bodies, inspired by MARVEL films for women fighters, independent and enterprising, are her superheroes who carry their lives, their stories like capes; ready to fight to defend who they are and what they want.

Because even today, inequalities between men and women still exist, as we are reminded every year. But there is also the inequality of social classes, the inequality of having been loved or not, the inequality in education... As P. Bourdieu points out, a person's characteristics are mainly influenced by his environment. So SLOOOW asks the question, are we really free or are we a product of the environment in which we live? That's why every line, every curve counts. This defines the complexity of the human being and his relationship with society.

But how can we make this human complexity light and poetic? Watching the painters work. Painting has that fascinating aspect, which the painter can decide without taking into account any earthly gravity where he will drop his line. Each brushstroke easily follows the movement of the wrist. Precise, clean, long, short, straight, steady or jerky fluid. So many synchronized gestures to give birth to her drawing. His environment may or may not be a choice that will inspire him. Noisy, musical, silent, urban, rural... What a lucky man.

"I don't know if you've ever been in a workshop where steel is worked, but I can tell you that it's dirty and noisy. The sculptor is surrounded by constraints. The metal is cold, heavy, rigid, hurtful, the noises are a cacophony of sanding, grinding, mechanical blows. Moreover, the sculptor sculpts with his whole body, he forces, twists, pushes, burns, cuts himself, takes a bow (or I am the one who is clumsy) and tries to bring out its finesse, strength, elegance. Emotion.

So, how to sculpt the painting, how to give the work the same ease without deception? I don't want to dig into the material or just weld ends together. I would like each line, like a painting, to be drawn. I would like to sculpt the line of the brush so that each line, each curve of the sculpture counts and brings personality, character and strength to the work." - SLOOOOW

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