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Metal Sculpture
One of a kind work
80 x 34 cm
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Sculpture in steel mosaic with golden patina and graphite patinated oak base.

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Nicolas Desbons

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist
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72 fans

Divajeu (26), France

38 works

Trained in industrial design, Nicolas Desbons, juggles between specifications from locksmiths and ironwork, and his own passion: steel sculpture. Indeed, when he works with the material, Nicolas Desbons likes the flexibility of female bodies and tries to create colorful female silhouettes.

His privileged path: that of steel

Born in Paris in 1969, Nicolas Desbons turned from high school towards artistic studies. In 1989, he entered preparatory class for the A.T.E.P. and a year later studied at the California College of Arts and Craft in San Francisco.

It was after training in Industrial Design that he devoted himself to steel and began his apprenticeship in locksmithing and ironwork in Montreuil, at Fred Vigy. After a year, he finally created the E.U.R.L "Desbons Design" in Montreuil which, in 1999, became "La Boîte de Fer" in association with his former apprentice master.

Passage from the status of Industrial Designer to that of Artist

In 2001, Nicolas Desbons completely changed his path and studio to acquire the status of artist. Since then, exhibitions and shows have followed one another. It is particularly successful in France, Belgium, Holland.

"The words of the sculptor are sometimes entangled with sawdust and shavings, rough in their condition, they seek each other in the magma of impressions. I have long explored the feminine at first with a little fear and then now more with the easy.

I am looking for the masculine, not easy, less known, less flexible and this is the beginnings of a new direction which is managing in this tumultuous era where the places, the roles, the stories are jostled, mixed, teased, annoyed. .

A strange time when men are looking for their place, both in the face of technology and in relation to women, in the chaotic turmoil of this era which is going ever faster. "

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