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One of a kind work
32 W x 25 H cm
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Metal Sculpture
One of a kind work
32 W x 25 H cm
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Sculpture steel corten My works are lines conferred to the iron, caresses and claws in the tender flesh of space...

artist avatar

Johan Baudart


KAZoART artist since 2020


In a few words... Some people call them "fingers of God". Johan Baudart's sculptures are exclamation marks or question marks, which look the human being straight in the eye, and invite him either to lie down now or to move forward again. Where the lines and tongues of steel do not touch, hypothetical extensions that the eye cannot help but create collide, taking the spectator into a shared creation, between the massive yet temporal presence of steel and the impalpable but eternal presence of emptiness. Facing a sculpture by Johan Baudart, the feeling is all the stronger as the big bang is inside. A multiple artist, Johan Baudart draws, engraves and paints works of all sizes, in which celestial matter navigates in the heart of great emptiness, in search of the colour of the living, living that sometimes blossoms, often in pain, or is content to remain a dark stain, deaf to the call of becoming. ... in the studio, the "fingers of God" invite themselves to the hand of the sculptor S. Vincke.

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