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Anna Sidi-YacoubShades of gray

One of a kind work
118 W x 118 H cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
118 W x 118 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Colour: grey to bluish depending on the light.

Can be hung in any way. It is light and shiny, and strongly reflects the surrounding objects. This finishing touch would easily transform any room into a fashionable and elegant interior. It could be used in bathrooms, gardens.

You can use a clean cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Due to the size and fragility of the material, the artwork will be sent well protected in a crate.

Dimensions of the sculpture: 118 cm x 118 cm x 5 cm. Weight about 4 kg. The sculpture comes with 3 silver metal hooks to be drilled into the wall, so that the sculpture is ready to hang on your wall. 1 at the bottom and 2 hooks on opposite sides to support the artwork. The 3 hooks will be partially visible from the front.

Anna Sidi-Yacoub
  • KAZoART artist since 2020
  • 33 works sold
  • 37 works

The essence of Anna Sidi-Yacoub's work resembles her childhood memories of summer... the long hours spent on turquoise beaches watching the vivid patterns produced by the sun's rays on the waves of the seawater.

These memories inspired the "Reflections on Water" series of hand-made sculptures. Each new piece in this series is unique because it contains countless individual motifs that cannot be reproduced in the same way in the artwork process.

Anna Sidi-Yacoub's sculptures integrate the reflections of the sun's rays on the surface of the sea represented by bright, shiny shapes that glisten on the sculpture area. In the sea, the water is swayed by wind and strong currents. In his artwork, these natural movements are translated into gentle curves and undulations created in the material itself.

The pigments shine, shine and travel with the eye of the viewer from every angle, just like the fluidity of water. Shapes and colours also change each time depending on where the sculpture is placed. Surrounded by different objects and colours, they release their most beautiful glow in open spaces when the sun's rays shimmer on the surface or the artificial light dances off the pigments.

Water Reflections" sculptures are of exceptional beauty, they can brighten and add a touch to the atmosphere of the space in which they are included. These floating pieces cannot be reproduced exactly in the same way, which makes them unique and original for the happiness and admiration of each customer.

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