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BosselinTalisman 6 série sc

One of a kind work
12 W x 20 H cm
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Mixed media
One of a kind work
12 W x 20 H cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Sculpture in transparency composed of a stained-glass window of traditional manufacture and a "frame-base" designed for 3D printing.

Stained glass 10x15 cm, mounted with lead, pieces of glass painted with grayish paint, enamels, thermoformed pieces ... ( a figurative piece: a fossil )

Printed polyamide base frame, blue matt (stained glass photography requires backlighting, here with different lights, so the tint of the frame varies according to the pictures).

  • KAZoART artist since 2020
  • 10 works

Painter and glass painter, Bosselin proposes a series of works entitled "talismans", sculptures in transparency which call upon the alliance of ancient and contemporary techniques: - stained glass combining: glass and lead, enamels and grisailles, transparencies and textures. - frame-base designed by the artist for 3D printing. These works offer a vanishing point for the gaze, a zone of attraction and refocusing, of calm, what could be called "an aquarium effect". The work on glass and in grey combines drawing, painting and engraving; it can be meticulous or gestural painting. In this series, Bosselin has reversed the traditional stained glass elaboration process, initially producing multiple pieces of glass, painted, thermoformed, figurative or abstract, using "noble" antique glass as well as industrial recuperated glass. And from this material diversity, he allows associations of colour, shape and texture to emerge in order to create a composition.

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