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Christina A. WestUnmet #3

Confirmed artist
One of a kind work
22 W x 44 H x 17 D cm
$2,948 *
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Plaster Sculpture
One of a kind work
22 W x 44 H x 17 D cm
Quality Guarantee
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

In the "Unmet" series, I sculpt portraits of family and friends, bringing out the memories I have of them and their personalities through an antique-looking bust. Although the portraits are initially hyper-realistic, I modify them to bring a new reading. As I hollow out the sculpture, the facial features gradually disappear to highlight what is not visible when we look at others.

These busts are made by pouring several pigmented hydrocal inside a mold; no paint is applied to the surface, the color is impregnated into the material. I sculpt, I excavate layers of color to reveal unpredictable forms. These colors and shapes become abstract suggestions of interiority, though they reveal nothing about the person depicted, ultimately underscoring the inherent mystery, ambiguity and inaccessibility of the psychology of others.

artist avatar
Christina A. West
Confirmed artist
United States

8 works

Based in Atlanta, Christina A. West is a figurative artist who creates art objects and installations. She focuses on accessing the interiority of the individual. She has explored this subject through a series of several compositions. Currently, Christina holds the position of Associate Professor of Art at Georgia State University.

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