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How to Find the Rare Pearl of Artwork?

This week, we wanted to give the floor to Marion, the Head of Artistic Relations at KAZoART. Thanks to her years of experience, she has lots of advice to guide you in your search for the perfect artwork.

Advice from Marion, Head of Artistic Relations at KAZoART

I have been in charge of the Artistic Relations for three and a half years now. I carefully follow the career path of each of our artists and am committed to helping you discover talented artists of singular talent.

Behind KAZoART, there is an entire team of passionate people who put their heart and soul into their jobs. They understand the joy that finding the right piece of art can bring to someone, which is why they work hard to share this unparalleled pleasure with you!

You can imagine that it’s not always easy to find your way through a catalog that contains nearly 40,000 works… so, where to start?

Here are my 4 tips that will help you find THE work of art for you:

#1 Subscribe to our newsletter:

Each week Cécile Martet, our Editorial Manager, zeroes in on a theme or artistic trend and helps you discover new works by new artists!

It’s a wealth of information that is easily accessible through bite-sized articles and commentaries. Consider it your way to better understand what the world of contemporary art has to offer. 

#2 Follow your favorite artists:

If you like an artist, be sure to follow them in order to receive notifications when they add new art to their KAZoART gallery. Not only will you be kept up to date with their latest activities, but you’ll be the first to know about their new projects and creations. You can follow as many artists as you want, or add their work(s) to your wishlist for exclusive updates.

#3 Follow us on Instagram:

To meet the most promising talents in the contemporary art scene and broaden your horizons, all you have to do is click “Follow”! 

Our Instagram page is constantly updated so that we can not only bring you fresh artistic content, but give you behind the scenes looks at our corporate life and the events we do. Every day, we focus on an artist, a work, or an artistic movement.

And while all of that is incredibly interesting, the most important aspect of our social media pages is the ability to connect with you! We are always delighted to hear your opinions, read your messages, and get your feedback on what we’re doing as a company!

#4 Don’t hesitate to contact Laurel and Elsa from Customer Service:

These two are attentive and kind “people persons” who know the catalog inside and out.

Whether it be for your company’s offices, your living room, or a thoughtful gift, they will use their expertise and eye for detail to help you find the perfect artwork that will transform your interior.

At KAZoART, the one thing we want to cultivate above all else is a personalized, human experience.

Artists who have made an impression on me this year:

Pauline di Valentin

Pauline Di Valentin opens the doors to a world that I would gladly visit. It is a world wherein architectural elements merge with nature, where vegetation reclaims the space it once occupied and where the human figure is placed in the background.

Venus 2.0

Ink drawing (38 x 28 cm)

Le remembrement 4

Mixed media (74 x 72 cm)

Marie-Christine Palombit

Marie-Christine Palombit’s figures bring me back to the roots of existence and to what the female body should be, without the social barriers that surround us: naked, without taboos, beautiful in its simplicity, wild.

Khaled Alkhani

Just like his mysterious feminine silhouettes, Khaled Alkhani’s journey has moved me. Creating strong contrasts between the colors of the draping fabrics and the women’s bodies, which are almost like shadows, his work conveys rare elegance not often found in contemporary art.

Envie du rendez-vous

Acrylic painting (55 x 65 cm)

My favorites

Christiane Rancelot

Mère et fille 2

Oil painting (120 x 120 cm)

Bernard Rives


Resin sculpture (20 x 35 cm)

Nathalie Vanhecke


Mixed media (75 x 100 cm)

Marie Guerrier


Mixed media (34 x 24 cm)

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