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5 Artists Daring To Do Yellow

It’s not always easy to reconcile your favorite color with your interior decoration. Among the colors that many of us dare not use out of fear of making decorative faux pas, yellow tops the list. Why? Because it’s a bold color, favored by those who are fearless in design. For those who lack professional training in interior design, the best approach is to not avoid yellow altogether, but to use it sparingly.

Small touches of yellow will instantly bring cheeriness, light and warmth to any atmosphere. But don’t jump right in and paint your walls yellow. Instead, start with a piece or two by these 5 KAZoART artists who actively harness and master yellow in their work! 

Yellow: Awaken Your Interior

The sun. This is what the color yellow instinctively makes us think of. It is also the brightest color of the entire color wheel. More specifically, it is said to have positive effects on our minds. It boosts concentration, ups our enthusiasm and beams positivity. When it comes to decoration, yellow sets the tone for a room. Whether it’s found in accent pieces like vases, cushions or works of art, when you use yellow, do so with intent and purpose. 

There are so many shades such as pale yellow, mustard, lemon, canary, so on and so forth. To avoid an ultra-saturated effect, we advise you to combine yellow with a more neutral color. Grey and white are ideal choices! But we aren’t here to tell you that because Pantone already has in their Color Institute selection of 2021

Without further ado, here are our five artists who have embarked on the journey of yellow and doing extraordinary things with it.

For the Love of Dance: Pierre Tournier

At seventeen years old, Pierre Tournier discovered and defined his own artistic language. Painting, photography? No, both. At once. More than three decades later, he is still developing this unique expression.

In practice: Painting and photography are the basic ingredients of his technical recipe, if you will. Pierre Tournier projects his images into space and turns a two-dimensional graphic into an entire universe sculpted by light.

Decorative value: Dance lovers will find an inexhaustible richness in Pierre Tournier’s work. Voluptuous bodies, graceful silhouettes on the verge of flight, there is an obvious heart and soul in his art. And of course, there is lots of yellow. To really achieve a playfully sophisticated look, combine these works as diptychs or triptychs. 

What we love: His shadow play!

Anne Vigier et Franck Apertet

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Sophie Daviet 3

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Sylvie Héricher 2

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Letting in Light and Air: Fabienne Monestier

In her work, Fabienne Monestier depicts nature, all things vegetal and definitely doesn’t refrain from using abstract forms. Her artistic exploration is the most important part of her process. 

Decorative value:  A bit of green will immediately bring a breath of fresh air to your home. This is precisely Fabienne Monestier’s quest: to create canvases that breathe life itself, even beyond the medium. She constantly searches for new ways to depict light and purify her use of color.

In practice: Fabienne Monestier is a lover of various techniques and mediums. Guided by her imagination, she lets her hand draw and thus create the forms that enliven her work. Poetic, lush and voluptuous, her abstraction will appeal to all tastes.

What we love: This springtime atmosphere that transcends all seasons!


Oil painting (40 x 40 cm)

Fantaisie florale

Oil painting (60 x 81 cm)

La cathédrale

Acrylic painting (60 x 81 cm)

A Touch of Emotional Yellow: MAD325

MAD325 focuses on representing individual and collective behaviors in social life. His interests lie in exploring the fragility of these relationships.

In practice: The artist releases a plurality of intense sentiments such as violence, anguish, love, desire, fear and despair. The jagged and rudimentarily lines that embody his subjects demonstrate their tormented feelings. The paradox of human relationships is sometimes indispensable, sometimes rejected.

Decorative value: MAD325’s art evokes power and strength. The resulting relationship to oneself and to the other forces the viewer to contemplate. His canvases are raw masterpieces that attract all eyes, taking no prisoners. 

What we love: The dramatic and striking presence of his subjects! 


Acrylic painting (50 x 70 cm)


Acrylic painting (80 x 120 cm)

I’m thinking out loud, that maybe we found love right where we are

Acrylic painting (50 x 75 cm)

Soft and Seasonal: Nathalie Si Pié

Nathalie Si Pié’s work is rooted in abstraction. Her know-how is expressed in a highly singular style that reminds us of the pixels on our screens.

In practice: She brings out the delicacy of her works by combining “pixelated“ strokes. In a game of reflection and play with light, Nathalie combines two visual perceptions and brings literal touches of unparalleled originality to her works.

Decorative value: Lovers of landscapes and flourishing nature will swoon over her work! By taking a few steps back, one can better appreciate the beauty of Nathalie Si Pié’s paintings. They will instantly bring warmth, light and poetry into your home.

What we love: The artist’s dedication to hand paint each “pixel“ to give rise to beautiful landscapes!


Acrylic painting (60 x 50 cm)

Impression d’automne

Oil painting (30 x 42 cm)

Forêt de lumière en automne

Oil painting (60 x 80 cm)

A World Beyond Reality: Bernard Fièvre

Bernard Fièvre is fascinated by the world of the symbolists. Among such a group, his greatest inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Odilon Redon. To behold his work is to immerse yourself in a monochrome, futuristic world.

In practice: This famous yellow color, the B328 of “Old Holland“, was born from a fortuitous choice, dictated by a strict personal appreciation. His affinity for it was immediate.

Decorative value: For lovers of science fiction and mythology, this touch of sunny yellow accompanied by an unspoken narrative from worlds both past and future would be a charming asset to any interior decor. 

What we love: His futuristic and cinematographic atmosphere!


Oil painting (38 x 46 cm)

Echive ou les confusions électives

Oil painting (80 x 80 cm)

Orthonde ou les promesses du progrès

Oil painting (81 x 100 cm)

If you’re feeling inspired and want to delve deeper into this beaming selection brimming with diverse shades of yellow, have a look at our Pantone Yellow-inspired collection.

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