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2021’s Emerging Talents To Watch

In keeping with tradition, KAZoART is unveiling 10 of our artists to follow this year. As we guide you in your search for pieces to invest in or artwork to enhance your collection, we can’t help but introduce you to these rising talents whose work we not only support, but greatly admire ourselves.

Notwithstanding their choice of medium, age, or artistic process, what they all have in common is their ability to seize and maintain our attention.

We can’t take our eyes off of them and you shouldn’t either because 2021 has great expectations for this pack of talent!

Fabien Delaube

Fabien Delaube composes closed, quasi-inexpressive faces, whose features recall forms inspired by African masks or expressions borrowed from theater.

Always represented from the front, these characters, of uncertain age but with a sexual physiognomy, seem to come straight out of a legendary tale.

Fragments imbued with a poetry as timeless as it is fantastic, Delaube’s works plunge us into a “mirror-like“ contemplation. Symmetrical and intriguing, we ask ourselves, of the two, who is staring at the other?

Our 3 favorite works


Oil painting (60 x 80 cm)


Oil painting (60 x 80 cm)


Oil painting (60 x 80 cm)

Caroline Gasch

Professional photographer and artist-author, Caroline Gasch articulates her artistic approach via the aesthetics of the urban world that surrounds us.

Colour is at the center of her work. Gasch’s photographic compositions sublimate urban landscapes through bold graphics that take us on a virtual journey between hyperrealism and surrealism.

Our 3 favorite works

Wynwood spirit, Miami

Digital photography (70 x 52 cm)

Saguaro, Californie

Digital photography (30 x 40 cm)

La friche, Marseille

Digital photography (70 x 52 cm)

Yves Célaire

Even before his artistic career, Yves Célaire sculpted bronze and transformed metal as an architect in Aix-en-Provence.

After designing and imagining buildings for several years, he applied his unique skill set to creating sculptures.

His bronze sculptures are instilled with a grace rarely seen elsewhere. Enhanced with semi-precious stones, they celebrate the primitive arts and the beauty of the human body.

Our 3 favorite works


Bronze sculpture (10 x 31 cm)

Tête à tête

Bronze sculpture (17 x 49 cm)


Bronze sculpture (13 x 39 cm)

Sylvie Julkowski-Egard

Sylvie Julkowski-Egard uses her immediate environment as a source of inspiration. In addition to depicting the most romantic and beautiful of Parisian architecture, she also portrays rich still lifes and her daughter who is none other than her quasi-exclusive model.

Though many believe the art of portraiture had fallen into oblivion, it is making a comeback thanks to artists like Julkowski-Egard.

Rejecting the idea of banality in everyday life, she finds beauty in the mundane, in that which lies before her on a daily basis.

Our 3 favorite works


Oil painting (54 x 65 cm)

Une pause estivale

Oil painting (60 x 92 cm)


Oil painting (89 x 116 cm)

Camille Tardif

A textile designer by trade, Camille Tardif has recently started a multidisciplinary creative approach. She uses a specific technique called batik, which she applies to paper and watercolor. This artisanal technique of printing on fabrics originates from the island of Java and means “written with wax“.

Finding a balance between logic and letting go: such is Camille Tardif’s mantra. With a desire to obtain an aesthetic rendering that is as interesting as it is challenging, she opts for repetition.

Her works are rhythmic and sequenced and her colours work together in a cultivated harmony.

Our 3 favorite works

La Terre – 009

Watercolour (50 x 70 cm)

Estuaire – 004

Watercolour (50 x 70 cm)

La Terre – 008

Watercolour (50 x 70 cm)


It is at the crossroads of Street Art and calligraphy that we find Woo, a multidisciplinary artist based in Bordeaux. This lover of symbols has long been inspired by the graphic universe of Keith Haring.

If you take a closer look at Woo’s work, you will notice the astonishing osmosis between the brutality of his lines and the softness of the composition as a whole.

Through this mix of neo-expressionist symbols and calligraphic characters borrowed from different alphabets, both modern and ancient, Woo reinvents forms and symbols in the style of a New Age Street Artist.

Our 3 favorite works

White japonica

Mixed media (100 x 180 cm)

Silver japonica

Mixed media (100 x 180 cm)


Mixed media (100 x 140 cm)

Barna Gacsi

Barna Gacsi usually works without anticipating the final rendering of his works. Statues, like ideas, are not created by following a plan. And yet, small sculptural feats are born, as if bronze becomes gold.

He states that, “We are materials. Even if I think of myself as energy, we are vibrations capable of welcoming. If an artist is able to give in to this power, then a statue can be born. It is the subject and the theme that finds me, I am not the creator, I am only the mediator.”

Our 3 favorite works

Jusqu’à quand il nous faut rester comme ça ?

Bronze sculpture (65 x 80 cm)

C’est un petit peu dur…

Bronze sculpture (20 x 50 cm)

La porte

Bronze sculpture (20 x 35 cm)

Albane de Saint Remy

Drawing is more than a means of expression: it is a way to keep balance. Albane de Saint Remy began very early to sketch « good little women ». Today, they have grown up, assert themselves and impose themselves on canvas or paper.

Of her work, she holds that, ”Painting makes me enter into myself, reflect on my own language, my relationship with others. For me it is also a way to communicate.”

Our 3 favorite works

Variation sur Audrey I

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Variation sur Audrey II

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Un air de Barbara

Mixed media (30 x 40 cm)

Stéphanie de Malherbe

Born and trained in Paris, Stéphanie de Malherbe first worked as a graphic designer for Jean-Paul Gaultier. After her first solo exhibition in the capital, she went to live in Mexico where she stayed for 11 years. She then moved to Spain before returning to France. She currently exhibits her work in France and around the world.

Painting for beauty’s sake, Stéphanie de Malherbe celebrates life, and cherishes the wonder of an embrace, a face, or a landscape.

The radiant colors in her works shine beyond the sufferings and misunderstandings that mark our century.

Our 3 favorite works

Ensemble nous irons regarder les étoiles IV

Mixed media (100 x 100 cm)

Reflets XXXIII

Mixed media (40 x 40 cm)

Je voudrais du soleil vert XI

Mixed media (40 x 40 cm)

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