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Selection of the Month

10 New Artists to Discover this May

You’ve been waiting for it, our #SelectionofMonth is finally back! We are happy to present la crème de la crème. Please welcome 10 new artists who have joined us these last weeks.

Our team has been working hard to find beautiful artistic gems to share with you and today we have vibrant colors, plant inspirations, bronze and metal forms, and lots of pop culture references. Read on to see which artist will become your new favorite.

1. Sophie Barut

Sophie Barut lives and works in Caluire, in the Rhône region. She makes bronzes using the “lost wax” technique, in partnership with the Adobati foundry.

Her sculpted forms bring us back to childhood, a place between vulnerability and fragility. She practices a perfectly chiseled technique that appeals to the vital force present in each of us.

Themes dear to Sophie Barut are those of love, friendship, beauty, the candor of a posture but also handicaps.

In 2018, she published a book entitled Je Rentrerai Avant la Nuit, (I’ll be Home Before Nightfall) in which she recounts an event that changed the course of her life: her husband’s car accident 20 years earlier, which would permanently confine him to a wheelchair. This event and its aftermath are present in her works.

Sophie Barut in her studio / ©tekoaphotos

Our Favorite Sculptures


Bronze Sculpture (18 x 42 cm)

La petite baigneuse

Bronze Sculpture (13 x 36 cm)

Vivre !

Bronze Sculpture (28 x 40 cm)

2. Laurent Dorchin

Laurent Dorchin was a teenager when he fell in love with painting. It was at an opening of the artist Ramon Grimalt that he decided to follow his passion. He felt the need for immediate expression, speaking from his heart through his paintbrush.

Little by little, he consecrated more and more of his life to painting. His art eventually imposed itself and became essential. Behind each work hides a part of his soul.

Today, he seeks to share his universe, where imagination and reality are intrinsically linked.

Our Favorite Paintings

Jour après jour

Acrylic Painting (61 x 50 cm)

Revenir au présent

Acrylic Painting (55 x 55 cm)

L’esprit plus léger

Mixed Media (50 x 70 cm)

3. Nathalie Maquet

After completing a master’s degree in mathematics at Imperial College London, Nathalie Maquet left the capital and decided to return to her first love: painting.

Her works evoke rhythm and the way in which organic patterns naturally create a sense of movement while evoking a feeling of balance and harmony.

Her floral universe gives way to dreams and tranquility and is an ode to nature and our imagination!

Our Favorite Paintings

Entrelacée 11

Oil Painting (80 x 100 cm)

Bouquet 5

Oil Painting (80 x 100 cm)

Bouquet 6

Oil Painting (80 x 100 cm)

4. Boris Garanger

With his science degree in hand, Boris Garanger left for England. He knew that travel was the best way to learn, and it is this first experience that forged his intercultural sensitivity.

Madagascar, Mauritius, Switzerland and North America then followed. Once he returned to France, more culturally nourished than ever, he started his own clothing line. What message does one’s clothing convey about the wearer? Boris Garanger is very interested in this universal vector of the individual in society, their appearance and symbolism.

The subject is a bodily presence, it’s movement an action, and its appearance defined by its clothing and style. His work pays a particular attention to the plurality of the identities of the body.

Our Favorite Paintings

Line up 3

Oil Painting (150 x 50 cm)


Oil Painting (100 x 73 cm)

Line up 4

Oil Painting (150 x 50 cm)

5. Marie Taklanti

For Marie Taklanti, the human being constitutes the essential of her artistic expression. Bodies are bodies, but they are depicted in groups or individually, all in search of themselves.

Sometimes interdependent, sometimes free, her subjects display an irredeemable need to come together.

As if they were plucked straight out of a myth or tale, these forms tell their stories through movement, painted in a Baroque style.

Our Favorite Works


Oil Painting (89 x 116 cm)

Trou noir

Drawing (80 x 120 cm)

Sans titre 13

Oil Painting (22 x 27 cm)

6. Lukas Works

Inspired by his childhood spent between Europe, Africa and Asia, Lukas Works immerses us in a melting pot of colors. Through his vibrant compositions, a great cultural diversity radiates.

The hectic megalopolises of Paris and New York have notably influenced his work, as he has always closely followed urban art. On each canvas he translates all the paradoxes of these cities wherein time never seems to stop.

His paintings have been shown in solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Our Favorite Paintings


Acrylic Painting (100 x 100 cm)


Acrylic Painting (81 x 60 cm)

Bio heart

Acrylic Painting (80 x 80 cm)

7. Valérie Buffetaud

Tuscany left a lasting impression on Valérie Buffetaud. Today, between Paris and Haute-Provence, she develops a plural artistic activity. In addition to painting, she engraves, sculpts and photographs.

Her works have been exhibited in Europe since 1988 and can be found in private collections in Japan, Australia and the United States.

Valérie Buffetaud’s artistic approach is nourished by nature and conveyed by the strength of color and the vibration of matter.

Our Favorite Works


Mixed Media (120 x 120 cm)

Ça tient à un fil

Mixed Media (20 x 20 cm)


Mixed Media (30 x 30 cm)

8. Geneviève Michon

Ethnobotanist and photographer, Geneviève Michon is passionate about trees. They have accompanied the rural cultures of the world since the dawn of time and have forged their personality in contact with human beings. They stand tall and sing a hymn to Mother Nature.

In order to have a true rendering of the image, Geneviève Michon superimposes snapshots, playing between transparency and opacity, often mixing in “brush strokes” and drawings borrowed from her colleague and visual artist, Philippe Deltour.

And behind this forest of trees, a forest of human silhouettes, faces and gestures, remain present: humanity inscribed in filigree.

Our Favorite Photos

Rêverie au pied du muret

Digital Photography (50 x 50 cm)

Vers soi

Digital Photography (50 x 50 cm)

Il fut chêne

Digital Photography (50 x 50 cm)


For Philippe Mougin, alias PHILS, it all began when he heard Mr. Benoît, his teacher, say to him “Here, in this establishment, you can “iron” everything!” He was then 16 years old. And so it began…

After receiving a certification in boiler making, he still had a desire to play with fire, to weld, to assemble metal pieces together by means of fusion. In this almost « alchemical » process, these shapes in his head became cabinets, love seats, stools, tables and couches.

Gradually, he abandoned the utilitarian object for sculpture. His busts were then born, paying a beautiful tribute to feminine forms.

Our Favorite Sculptures

La fuite

Metal Sculpture (36 x 85 cm)


Metal Sculpture (48 x 86 cm)

Mon corps

Metal Sculpture (43 x 57 cm)

10. YouNs

Self-taught contemporary artist, YouNs shines through his energy and joyful nature. He draws inspiration from Street Art and Pop Art, without forgetting the emblematic icons of popular culture that he evokes on each canvas.

A painting and a relief in one, his work has a unique dimension. Such is made possible by a technology used to give depth to his paintings. This technique, however, is kept secret!

This French-Israeli artist is internationally recognized and is currently being exhibited in Tel Aviv.

Our Favorite Works

Indian girl

Mixed Media (120 x 120 cm)

The romance

Mixed Media (150 x 50 cm)

Pop art fighting

Mixed Media (120 x 120 cm)

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