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10 Artists to Keep Your Eye On

If there is one thing these artists have in common, it is the success they have with our collectors! 

KAZoART loves celebrating the artistic diversity of our catalog by featuring 10 of our best-selling, most prominent artists.

So without further ado, here are 10 artists you shouldn’t miss!


Art’Mony is a visual artist whose works vibrate with energy. An immersion in a colorful world, which would almost plunge us back into childhood by the multiple cultural references that she maintains.

Passionate about painting, graphic design and sculpture, she mixes techniques for a peppy and playful result.

Our Favorites

I Wanna be Loved by You… Marylin

Mixed Media (32 x 45 cm)

Pop Zébu

Wood Sculpture (24 x 23 cm)

All You Need is Love

Mixed Media (91 x 73 cm)

Stéphane Cattaneo

In Stéphane Cattaneo’s universe, shapes dance with colors.  shapes dance with colors resulting in an energizing and playful synergy. 

A lover of jazz, Stéphane Cattaneo creates in close collaboration with musicians. 

With a singular and multi-disciplinary approach, he depicts realms and dimensions in worlds that have yet to be explored.

Our Favorites

Jazz comme une image saison 02

Ink on Paper (50 x 65 cm)

À la surface du soleil

Mixed Media (40 x 50 cm)


Acrylic Painting (48 x 65 cm)

Val Escoubet

As a portrait painter, Val Escoubet distinguishes herself via hyper-realistic works marked by the emotion of the sitters that she portrays with great conviction and honesty.

Dance, love, fullness, gaiety: so many themes upon which she can create. Her subjects shine with an energy that is almost palpable to their viewers. 

« I want my works to be alive and to give the impression that the subject is going to come out of the canvas. » This is the objective she pursues with each new project.

Our Favorites

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Oil Painting (65 x 92 cm)

La caresse du vent

Oil Painting (81 x 116 cm)

Entrez dans la danse !

Oil Painting (81 x 116 cm)


Metal-working artist, Jean-Marc Martinez, deploys his technical savoir-faire to give life to monochrome, slender forms. His work is a balanced fusion between avant-garde and classical sculpture.

His anatomical and totemic sculptures, whose freshness is a delight to the eye, are intimate testimonies of the aritst’s sensitive nostalgia.

Abstract or figurative, folded and twisted, his compositions enchant this disenchanted world.

Our Favorites


Metal Sculpture (11 x 54 cm)

Les petits poissons

Metal Sculpture (34 x 128 cm)


Metal Sculpture (29 x 62 cm)

Régis Bodinier

A former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Régis Bodinier first worked as a graphic designer, then as an art director in publishing and advertising before moving on to photography.

Between 2012 and 2017, Régis Bodinier lived and worked in Beijing. He devoted these five years to photographing the urban environment and the traces left by time on Chinese culture, heritage and society.

His photographic work, which has been exhibited many times in China, evokes the last moments of neighborhoods before their destruction or transformation and the place of old and new generations in villages that are being abandoned. 

Our Favorites

Mon petit nuage, Chine, 160822-02

Digital Photography (50 x 70 cm)

Mon petit nuage, Chine, 160525-02

Digital Photography (50 x 70 cm)

Mon petit nuage, Chine, 160423-02

Digital Photographyue (50 x 70 cm)

Hugo Pondz

The minimalist world of Hugo Pondz would make us want to extend summer into the mists of time. From the rooftops of New York City to golf courses to the edges of swimming pools, his work is distinguished by its captivating palette of blues.

In a perfect dichotomy between solids and voids, he invites contemplation in a contemporary (or futuristic?) world where we project ourselves and breathe in fresh, cool air.

Our Favorites

Les projets futurs

Digital Print (150 x 100 cm)

En attendant Wexler

Oil Painting (150 x 130 cm)

L’attente du lendemain

Digital Print (90 x 90 cm)

Yu Zhao

Born in Beijing but living in France for 20 years now, Yu Zhao majored in Western and Chinese Art, receiving two diplomas in the respective fields. 

Her encounter with contemporary dance, from which she draws her inspiration and philosophy, was decisive. At the same time, Yu Zhao has conducted much research on the writings of pictorial art in ancient China. 

Her painting is thus a place of experimentation and meditation. Through her multiple ink techniques from the Chinese tradition, Yu Zhao dresses the paper with dynamic and highly poetic gestures.

Our Favorites


Mixed Media (74 x 70 cm)

Eau florale

Mixed Media (90 x 40 cm)


Mixed Media (35 x 27 cm)

Hélène Courtois-Redouté

Nature is at the center of Hélène Courtois-Redouté’s work. Fond of still lifes and landscapes, her subjects are sun-kissed, noble beings that shine with vitality under her delicate brushstrokes. Adept in oil painting, she creates beautiful objects, not just simple images

Trees, undergrowth, intertwining branches, but also seashores, Hélène Courtois-Redouté pays tribute to all the silent heroes in nature. Within her artistic register we can also find nude portraits made sublime by both the artist and nature.

Our Favorites

Arbre en Ardèche

Oil Painting (50 x 50 cm)

Femme dans la jungle

Oil Painting (100 x 81 cm)


Oil Painting (38 x 46 cm)


With Paxal, the devil is in the details. The subject is only a pretext, a mere support for his creation. It is not but a fragment of the message lodged in the work.

To understand the work in its entirety, we must slowly acknowledge and appreciate the small details that bring the work to life.

As in the proverb of the wise man who points to the moon, here the subject is only an index. It exists only to draw the eye to what comes next –  a profusion of subtle elements, sometimes funny, often mystical, which together, reveal a story.

Our Favorites

La femme au tiroir

Acrylic Painting (100 x 100 cm)

Hot stuff

Acrylic Painting (90 x 90 cm)

8 dragons

Acrylic Painting (120 x 120 cm)

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