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Discover Our “Genesis NFT” Exhibition

After its first NFT sale in April 2021, KAZoART is launching an exclusive virtual NFT gallery! Meet our Genesis NFT collection. We’re dropping a curated selection of more than 170 unique NFTs by twenty KAZoART artists.

Are you ready for a unique and futuristic art-purchasing experience? Visit for a sneak preview of the works that will be showcased in our virtual NFT art gallery.

Explore our Virtual Gallery in the Metaverse

On 22/2/2022 we proudly hosted our virtual NFT art gallery opening in the metaverse. This Genesis NFT exhibition gathers about ten KAZoART artists on three storeys.

Among these NFT works, you will find digital works, photographs, videos, GIFs and more! An intriguing and creative selection awaits you in our online NFT gallery!

All the presented works in our virtual NFT gallery are on sale on

Explore our NFT Collection

Morgan Paslier

Cécile Mirande-Broucas

Frank Schroeder

Alex Saman

Romain Bonnet


Ewen Gur



Monsieur Poulet

Georges Dumas

Richard Grateloup

Patrick Santoni

Dominique Leroy

Sophie Gaiardo

Jérôme Pergolesi


Robert Einbeck

Delphine Dessein

Thierry Boitier

Etienne Eczet

Muriel Besnard / Anawen

Jack Risto


Florent Cordier

Ho My An

Régis Bodinier


Catherine Guinot

Pierre CALOgero

Alain Rolland

Pascal M

Karine Paoli

Dominique Bruneton

Gregory Dreyfus

Florent Lubienicki

Patrick Cornée

Lucie Lith


Bernard Pons

Your Questions, Our Responses

What is an NFT ?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. It is a certificate of authenticity of a digital work hosted on the blockchain. These certificates are forgery-proof. Once acquired, they can be exchanged or transferred via the blockchain, in a transparent and secure manner.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information that allows all transactions to be traced and secured. Users connected to a network can share data transparently and without intermediaries.

Seriously though, what am I buying?

When buying a KAZoART NFT on the platform OpenSea, you acquire an Ethereum token on the Polygon blockchain. This token is unique, tamper-proof, and allows you to authenticate and know the origin of a digital work of art.

What is the environmental impact?

The energy consumption of NFTs has been strongly criticized in the press. Because we strive to minimize our environmental impact, KAZoART has chosen to register our NFTs in the Polygon blockchain which uses up to 100 times less energy than the Ethereum blockchain.

To give you an idea, transferring an NFT from one user to another with Polygon, is the equivalent of sending an email. Selling any type of NFT will consume less power than it takes to watch a 2 hour movie.

I’m interested in buying an NFT, how do I proceed?

The first step is to create a digital wallet that you can top up with funds (this can be done directly by card, without going through a crypto currency exchange platform)

The wallet we recommend, that is also suggested by OpenSea, is Metamask whose extension can be installed directly to your browser. It is the most popular wallet provider for purchasing NFTs today because it stores your crypto-currencies and the NFTs you purchase in a tamper-proof system.

To be able to buy the NFTs in the “KAZoART Genesis NFT” collection you will need to use Ether.

For more information, contact our team:
[email protected]

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