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Prints Are Coming In Hot!

Did you think that prints were outdated and to be tucked away in a dusty old drawer someplace? Well think again! They remain a timeless way for decorating our homes. Both inspired and always inspiring, they go wonderfully with furniture, accessories and other household items. And because there are so many people pining to go somewhere else right now, don’t think we’re going to skimp out on over-the-top, minimalist or exotic graphics!

How to Decorate Using Prints in an Artistic Way?

Opting for prints is, in a way, ones willingness to reject anticonformity when it comes to interior decoration. Why? To move away from this overused neutral trend that we’re starting to get tired of seeing. We have to assert ourselves, and to do so, no better way than scattering unique patterns and motifs around the house. 

Because we always like to give you a few tips before you take the plunge, we’ve compiled a list of those artists with artworks that will hopefully fit the mood and aesthetic you’re looking for.

For More of a Jungle Feel: Bernard Marie Collet

Bernard Collet paints a joyful and loving portrait of life. For him, painting is a way of appropriating a fragment of reality and making it so he can still manifest his vibrant ideas onto the flat and limited surface of a canvas. 

Wavering between figurative and abstract styles, he tries to convey his range of emotions by playing with shapes, lights and colors in order to reach a form of purely plastic harmony.

In practice: Bernard Marie Collet is a huge fan of pastels! 

Decorative value: The Jungle trend has been very fashionable for the past few years and is still very popular with home decor enthusiasts. In the blink of an eye, we are transported to the edge of a beautiful wood or better yet, the fringes of an Amazonian rainforest! It’s so good to bring Mother Nature into your own home!

What we love: Small sizes, ideal for collecting and decorating a wall.

Ombre dans la forêt bleue

Pastel (22 x 22 cm)

Feuilles et palmes dans la nuit tropicale

Pastel (20 x 20 cm)

Fleurs rouges et jaunes

Pastel (22 x 22 cm)

An Abundance of Colors: Laurent Prudot

Strength, mathematical abstraction, raw colors: Laurent Prudot’s optical and kinetic art follows in the footsteps of Vasarely, Yvaral and Buren. It does not impose itself but rather lets itself be appreciated and looked at so that it can organically seep into the viewer’s brain. His creation captivates us with its fantastical elements and at the same time by its apparent simplicity.

In practice: Laurent Prudot pulverizes the colors on each piece by using lines to separate the pigments in order to make them vibrate on the surface of the canvas. To produce his series entitled Les lignes et la vibration des couleurs (The lines and the vibration of colors), he specifically created a new tool: the XXXXL paintbrush. Behind this apparent simplicity, between minimalist and abstraction, he explores the theme of repetition.

Decorative value: Isn’t repetition the hallmark of all prints? Colorful, graphic and aesthetically pleasing, minimalist prints are always and will always be popular in the world of interior design. And it’s not the wave of popular Scandinavian trends that will tell us otherwise!

What we love: The hypnotic, relaxing and particularly aesthetic aspects.

Mtp floral task 100.44-19

Acrylic painting (100 x 100 cm)

Mtp variation souple 26.01-19

Acrylic painting (100 x 100 cm)


Acrylic painting (100 x 100 cm)

A Breath of Fresh Air: Clémentine Vauchelet

Clémentine Vauchelet is a visual artist who specializes in plastic and fabric designs. Her graphic compositions, made up of dots, lines and curves, are poetic spaces where imagination expresses itself freely through movement. Inspired by nature, micro-organisms and the world of bacteria, her creations, through various mediums and techniques, reveal a universe born of metamorphosis.

In practice: Made up of a multitude of lines and dots, the works of Clementine Vauchelet take forms inspired by Art Nouveau ; such as her piece « Algae Flores », a drawing on wood where the line is far lighter and the graphic details more minimalist. 

The black and white of the imaginary creatures has a purpose and is of upmost importance: the eye is focused on the movement, on the form and the graphic design of the piece and not on the colors that could relate it to specific living beings.

Decorative value: An ideal universe to breathe life, energy and oxygen into your home’s interior spaces. For a successful botanical atmosphere, and the addition of some lovely plants to complete your aesthetic.

What we love: Everything?

Magnum corea phacelia

Drawing (26 x 35 cm)

Semen arboris

Drawing (26 x 36 cm)


Drawing (21 x 30 cm)

Mix & Match Prints : Nadine Hardy

Nadine Hardy likes to draw a parallel between her life, which she considers so surreptitious and fleeting , and the creation of each of her successive works. This repetitive, obsessive and compulsive research of hers results in a reflection on the present moment, doomed to soon disappear. Carpe Diem!

In practice: Making things straight is one of Nadine Hardy’s main traits. She practices acrylic on wood with a plastic card or a brush. The radiant and luminous color is a powerful code that helps the viewer understand the deeper meaning behind each piece.

Decorative value: For those who struggle to come to a decision when choosing a particular style of print, mix and match remains the best solution. And for that reason alone, Nadine Hardy’s works are ideal, thanks to their soft tones and their many geometrical forms.

What we love: These large scale prints will definitely gain attention due to their imposing nature and will give any room a strongly distinctive feel!

Abstraction 12-19

Acrylic painting (89 x 116 cm)

Abstraction 10-19

Acrylic painting (114 x 146 cm)

Abstraction 11-19

Acrylic painting (114 x 146 cm)

Because we hate to see you leave empty-handed, we urge you to check out our beautiful collection of Printed Artwork!

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